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Consumer fraud Class aCtions


Ramirez Law P.C. has represented individuals against companies of all sizes that have preyed on innocent consumers, including businesses that have charged consumers unreasonable and/or undisclosed fees, have sold their products through deceptive marketing practices, and/or have engaged in “bait and switch” practices. Recently, Ramirez Law P.C. prosecuted an action against a company that purposely infected consumers’ computers with malware that disabled the computer and then purportedly helped the victim fix the problem. This actor represented that it was a major computer manufacturer and sold the unsuspecting consumer a “protection plan” for hundreds of dollars.

Ramirez Law P.C. is constantly looking to protect consumers by investigating and prosecuting cases involving fraudulent or deceptive conduct, unreasonable or hidden fees, “bait and switch” tactics, or where consumers have been sold defective products. If you believe that you have been the victim of consumer fraud, please contact us to report a fraud.

Criminal defense


Ramirez Law P.C. is dedicated and devoted to the practice of criminal law. We are aggressive when required but also recognize when a nuanced approach is your best defense. We are not merely ready, but capable to skillfully manage your case from its beginning stages through trial. Having honed our skills in the trenches of Robert Morgenthau’s Manhattan District Attorney’s Office as prosecutors spearheading multi-jurisdictional fraud, narcotics, and governmental investigations while also handling some of the most serious violent and white collar felonies before both judges and juries at trial, our experience building and tearing down criminal cases is an incredible asset for our clients. If you are faced with the threat of prosecution, incarceration, a loss of your livelihood and the shame of arrest, please contact us for a free consultation.