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Headquartered in Westchester, New York, Ramirez Law P.C. specializes in prosecuting consumer fraud and antitrust violations against companies of all sizes.

Areas of Practice

Consumer fraud

Consumer fraud occurs when an individual suffers a financial or personal loss because of unfair, deceptive, false, illegitimate or misleading business practices. While consumer fraud targets the most naive segments of the population, even the most sophisticated consumers can fall prey to these actions. Perpetrators of consumer fraud vary and can include anything from a group of individuals working out of a boiler room operation to companies of all sizes (including trusted household names).


antitrust violations

A company violates antitrust laws when it uses its size and power in the marketplace to engage in conduct that hurts consumers and/or new or smaller businesses. The wrongful conduct can take many shapes and forms, and can include conduct like price fixing or price discrimination, monopolization, trade restraints, engaging in unfair competition or tying (i.e. when a company will only sell consumers a product if consumers purchase additional (or "tied") products from the company).

class action lawsuits

Consumer fraud and antitrust violations are typically prosecuted through the class action lawsuit model. Class actions allow many victims to collectively bring a lawsuit against the company that harmed them. The reason for this is mainly financial: the damage suffered by any one consumer is usually so small that the cost of bringing suit individually would be too costly. Class actions are used to obtain compensation for damages sustained and to force bad actors to change their business practices.


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